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η ιστοσελιδα της PSILIKATZOY

Δημοσίευση από Admin Την / Το Τρι Μαρ 25, 2008 6:18 am

Μπορει οι περισσοτεροι ηδη να τη γνωριζετε ! H ίδια εχει σταματησει να "παραγει" εδω και λιγο καιρο και αιτιολογει την πραξη της στην εξης σελίδα
Ωστοσο ειναι απο τους λιγους bloggers που ειχαν κατι να πουν , με το δικο της εστω ιδιαιτερο τροπο ...Αξιζει να αφιερωσετε λιγο απο το χρονο σας να διαβασετε τα γραφηματα της ...

εγω επελεξα αυτο :


writing this post in my very fluent and arxidata English, just to
answer a few questions you may have about this little Greek blog.
My strange name, is actually a job in Greece,
in a little shop which is called psilikatzidiko, were I kolovarao all
day long. We sell kapotes and bixlibidia and we actually attract, among
other kelepouria, many stupid people, just as you were attracted by this blog.
Don’t be so foolish and naive to think that we Greeks like
only kamaki, or gyros, or mousaka, or just a good peace of kolara. If
you think that, then you must stop watching tv ASAP!!! We
have periexomeno too. We hated Olympics and all the money we lost, gamo
to kerato tous
and we still want our marbles back you bloody
kleftronia! Although if you plan to keep them, give us some miza
or we’ll tell Zeus to strike you with a big thunder and you
won’t see your tyfla sas, lamogia meta.
I don’t want to be carried away by emotions, so I’ll try to give you a
guide of the themes greek bloggers devour most. We like everything that
has to do with ksekatiniasma and malliotravigma, as well as politics.
Don’t think of course we really like politics. Mostly we adore making
fun of them and their silly peroukinia, their big koilies and kolous
and everything stupid they amolane.

a bit interesting though, that we all are psilopouremenoi and varemenoi
because of such a successful blogosphere, you would expect at least
some myalomenous. But no, that’s just rumors.
don’t like bouzoukia, or if we do, we hide it and we play it
koultouriareoi. It attracts more gomenakia that way. Oh, how could I
forget! Most bakoureoi have become bloggers and try to psarepsoun
, but they stay with their poulo sto xeri because if we were
after poulos we wouldn’t keep a blog. We would just wear a minaki and
we woud dance tsifteteli on the bara with no vraki. That would be a lot
easier than writing our guts out, but they can’t figure it out yet.
So, we write, we rant, we curse, we fight and we are very proud of our gamiades
ancestors. They are the only thing to hold on, cause our brains are
unwilling to work, after the fifth century of Periklis, if you know
what I mean. Take a tour in my links if you like, and if you understand
shit, please notify me. It’s all greek to me too.
think for a minute that we don’t like foreign bloggers. We are not
racists, we just only think that when we discovered filosophy, you were
pithikia, so our superiority is natural, you see. You may learn a lot
from us, but first you have to learn our language as well as ancient
greek. If you don’t, you won’t be as kaliergimenoi as we are, so you
are not allowed to enter our blogosphere. It doesn’t matter that we
ourselves don’t know our language, we have the genes that will
katharisoun for that. You know, “the classic, the malakas, the ellinas”
Georgiou speaking.
Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to live your myth in Greece next summer. We already live in a myth, all year long.

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